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Recycle Nouveau Adult Tee
designed by perdita00

"Recycle Nouveau" by perdita00
Adult Tee $22.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

maple on Jul 13 @ 08 pm
The shirt is super soft, and you can't tell it comes from recycled bottles, which is very cool. However, it is pretty threadbare and see-through; it shows pretty much everything. So I probably will only use as a layer. As stated by a previous reviewer, there is some bunching on the sleeves. There is some mild flaring at the base of the shirt (that is not found in AA blanks), but this warping of shape is comparable or very much better than the bases used by other daily shirt sites. One thing though, the ink from the print faded after the first wash, which is a pity. But overall, the softness and the fact it comes from recycled bottles is pretty exciting, and definitely worth the flaws.

w1111ams on Jun 29 @ 04 am
Love the Recycle Nouveau design. Very cool. Got my Goodjoe shirt on the recycled tee. Like that it is soft, especially because I'm not a polyester/ acrylic fan. I think if it was a lot heavier I wouldn't wear it. It did have a smell to it until I washed it but its gone now. The hem on the the sleeve could have used another row of stitching at the bottom because after it was washed the hemmed area kind of bubbled out. Other than that I like the feel and print is soft.

Chumpmagic on Jun 26 @ 12 pm
And Congrats Perdita00!!! :)

Chumpmagic on Jun 26 @ 12 pm
I really like these t-shirts made from recycled water bottles. They are a bit thin/ slightly transparent (which isn't always a bad thing for me, especially on hot days), and they have a smell. The smell ins't extreme, but something I noticed as I took on and off the shirt and random movements that shot air towards my face. It's not bad enough to were people will avoid you, its just something I noticed... it's different and really, it me TRYING to find a problem. Other than that, the shirt are top notch. In fact, it's one of the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn (which shocked the hell out of me!). I just washed it, and it retain all it comfiness. I really like it, and it seems like a perfect shirt for the summer climate here, and a great shirt to wear as I try to lose my winter fat. I'm sure it will get a lot of attention in the next few months. The shirts made out of recycle water bottles are surprisingly great and I recommend them.

krazyapple on Jun 25 @ 04 am
Love the shirt especially knowing how unique and cool it is, being made from plastic bottles. The shirt is a bit long a bit see through but it's super soft and awesome! Love it!

agnes1123 on Apr 28 @ 06 pm
Not one of your best, but it's still nice

Booky1312 on Apr 26 @ 02 am
Beautiful, really mesmerising shirt :) I love it! Voted and I really hope it gets printed :)

Steffi on Apr 26 @ 12 am

romangeeks on Apr 25 @ 10 pm
This is such an awesome design. After seeing these three, I want a recycling tee so badly. :P

Lilah on Apr 25 @ 09 pm
This is also pretty cool, not sure which I like the best out of the 3!

quiteawful on Apr 25 @ 09 pm
Art Noveau, get on me.

egaumer on Apr 25 @ 09 pm
I am always a sucker for Art Nouveau.

PoisonPod on Apr 25 @ 08 pm
I actually really like this tee, it has a kind of art decor feel to it while holding connotations of a meaningful message to it.

astrosmurf on Apr 25 @ 08 pm
Brilliant design!

EnvyDream on Apr 25 @ 07 pm
I like it! I love "water waves", it's beautiful