Live Side By Side Adult Tee
designed by radiomode

"Live Side By Side" by radiomode
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

radiomode on Oct 03 @ 08 pm
Periwinkle, the color was adjusted to make it suitable for print.

Periwinkle on Sep 14 @ 07 am
Why is the tree/house such a dark brown in the printed version? I like this lighter brown *so* much better--it's easier to see.

Periwinkle on Jul 10 @ 12 pm
I'm with feenix; I *love* this design. However, I'm always hesitant to suggest text, because it tends to take away from the design. I thought the message was pretty clear. The first thing I thought was "Wow, it's like the tree is growing right from the house--like they're one thing," which is pretty darn close to "living side by side." I see your point, though, feenix. I wouldn't mind seeing it with text.

feenix on Jul 10 @ 12 pm
I absolutely love the colors and style of this design. Aesthetically it is beautifully balanced much like it's theme of living in harmony with nature. I know what message you are trying to convey b/c I was able to read the title of your art "Live side by side." However, the average person seeing just the visual might not get the deeper message you intended. I think that incorporating a few words such as "live in harmony" would truly unite this design and concept.

Periwinkle on Jun 24 @ 09 am
I love the shaky lines of the man-made elements--that makes this design.

kakolak on Apr 29 @ 06 pm
Fine work as usual.

jourdan on Apr 09 @ 08 pm
Great design. This would go well with the Earth Day theme of environmentally friendly homes!

graphv on Mar 31 @ 06 am
i want a tree house, altho i hate bugs. love the concept. ^_^

radiomode on Mar 28 @ 02 pm
Thank you...

bigadi on Mar 26 @ 06 am
i love simple and clean designs like this one.good job!

radiomode on Mar 25 @ 02 pm
Me too. Unfortunately, living in the city, we did not have any garden, moreover a big tree.

illuminator on Mar 25 @ 05 am
Very cool.. I wanted one of those as a kid!

nathanTpham on Mar 25 @ 04 am
This is so, so cool!

killopo on Mar 25 @ 04 am
Nice, I like the colors and the style.