Think Green Live Green Adult Tee
designed by yanmos

"Think Green Live Green" by yanmos
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

yanmos on Mar 27 @ 06 pm
Hoodies looks so great, well done guys! Thanks everyone for your kindly comments :)

LizzyDs on Feb 04 @ 12 am
I really love this one. Green the man!

nathanTpham on Jan 26 @ 03 pm
@louannpope: they're in the work. hopefully able to release very soon! fyi, we did sell them at the mall this passed holidays season! ;O)

louannpope on Jan 26 @ 03 pm
This design would also be great for a tote/grocery bag... any plans to offer that?

RyanByrneArt on Dec 14 @ 04 pm
Very Nice Design!

kharmazero on Mar 29 @ 02 am
i meant very clever

kharmazero on Mar 29 @ 02 am
vert clever , i like it

timizy01 on Nov 04 @ 08 pm
Congrats, excellent work!

djunes on Sep 24 @ 03 am
really cool! im glad it got picked

Periwinkle on Aug 31 @ 10 pm
The one thing still bothering me about this design is the text/slogan. I thought it might grow on me, but it's still not doing it for me. Do you think you could load a version without the text?

yanmos on Aug 31 @ 06 pm
thank you stayhappy, much appreciated!

stayhappy on Aug 31 @ 03 pm
What started as a good design, has "grown" into a great design! I liked the original already, so I definitely give this one a thumbs up as well. A very creative and yet simple approach - great job!

nathanTpham on Aug 28 @ 06 pm
i personally really dig the green on black and also the green on yellow (orange?). randomly i snap out and in of color blindness.

yanmos on Aug 28 @ 04 am
thank you very much Periwinkle, really glad you like it!!

Periwinkle on Aug 28 @ 03 am
Excellent. This is perfect. I like that there is a bigger bar code and more plants. It looks much more powerful this way; good work. I want to compliment you on what an excellent message this is and how creatively you've expressed it. This is a really really excellent design. The plants look so fluid and real. I like it best on black or green.