Tea Leaves Adult Tee
designed by JadenKale

"Tea Leaves" by JadenKale
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

JadenKale on Nov 05 @ 01 pm
The tea bags were all Nathan's doing, I believe :D I'm glad you like it so much ruuuuuski, and by all means, gush about it and recommend it to others. I wore mine today and got a few requests as to where to buy it.

ruuuuuski on Nov 05 @ 12 pm
this just came in the other day and it is beautiful! the colors are stunning and i'm not usually a fan of brown but i can't wait to wear this. i adore tea and the trees changing colors in the fall, so this is a great combo. the tea tags and tea pot are fantastic, i know that i'm gushing, but i can't recommend this shirt enough. love it! and what was also super nifty is that it came with a tea bag.

JadenKale on Oct 21 @ 05 am
Thanks Fuzzy! :) I'm glad you like all the details. I talked with Nathan recently, and if any are concerned as to the amount of ink on the design, WORRY NOT! The print shop will be discharge printing these pieces. So it won't feel like a big sheet of ink across your torso.

FuzzyLogic on Oct 17 @ 04 am
Beautifully Done, Jaden. I REALLY like the little leaves at the end of the steam! The detail on the tea pot is pretty darn cool too! Congrats on the PRINT!

nathanTpham on Oct 08 @ 05 am
@jeepprincess: pls let know through the Request a Reprint link ... we're in the process of doing a few reprints, so any other shirts that you don't have the size, pls let us know. Thank you all for the support guys!

jeepprincess on Oct 08 @ 05 am
I love this shirt. This is my first Goodjoe purchase! I am a big fan of all your designs. Wish they had All That Jazz in my size..

JadenKale on Oct 05 @ 09 am
@FireMom - I always intended it on Brown, but if Brown makes you squeamish or you don't care for the color, I suggested the Creme (for the ladies' sizes) or Sand (for the men's sizes). I know there are lots of people out there that request lighter colors when a darker color is suggested and vice versa, so I tried to accommodate everyone's taste.

FireMom on Oct 05 @ 09 am
Now if I could only decide which color to purchase!

Truffleshuffle on Sep 28 @ 11 am
I have a friend who is absolutely in love with tea. This shirt would be perfect for them!

yanmos on Sep 15 @ 04 am
Very beautiful work!

AdderXYU on Sep 13 @ 07 am
Still probably my fave of yours.

stayhappy on Sep 12 @ 01 pm
I dig tea and I dig this shirt. The tea pot is what really does it for me...I'm with theinfinityloop...it brings the shirt to life by contrasting the warm colors perfectly!

ressamac on Sep 12 @ 10 am
Love the colors. Autumn and tea are my faves too.

JadenKale on Sep 12 @ 09 am
@djunes: The spiral theme is totally coincidental, I assure you. Although, I have another 'wind' like entry on the way XP Thank you for all the positive comments so far! I really appreciate it :D

gatesy on Sep 12 @ 06 am
Jaden, i love ALL your designs; i already have an All That Jazz, and look forward to seeing Tea Leaves get the "green light". Keep it comin' girl.