Pollution Pixelated Adult Tee
designed by SirEuan

"Pollution Pixellated" by SirEuan
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Pollution Pixelated

Customer Reviews and Comments

Geekshirts on Jun 04 @ 08 pm
I really like the concept. I love tees like these, using pop culture to deliver an excellent message

Jeiji on Dec 21 @ 02 am
I LOVE the concept, and I'm LOVING the size and placement of the print!

Tatlo on Nov 18 @ 01 am

Amelia on Aug 12 @ 11 am
Nice design, I really like it on blue. The pixellated rhinos are especially cool.

SirEuan on Jun 23 @ 11 pm
Hi again! Um, I do not know what you guys mean by blurry, the design isn't blurry in the slightest! Do you mean pixellated? Like a low resolution image? This is because I drew the elements of this design to the same scale as the ones in the Space Invaders video game http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_--2dtWRIBxA/SAaEnV-y5kI/AAAAAAAABWk/GwlFboly31Y/s400/space-invaders.jpg Does this explain things better?

nathanTpham on Jun 23 @ 04 pm
hi guys! this is one cool pixel art design. however, i agree with Periwinkle's 1st comment. i like it a little less blurry. or is being blurry is how Pixel art is supposed to be? either way, this kind of stuff makes me miss Super Mario first days!

djunes on Jun 23 @ 10 am
if this gets printed im buying one for my brother! and thanks for all the rhino info. it really is unfortunate how only the cute animals get the publicity (hey! i see a shirt idea in that....)

SirEuan on Jun 23 @ 08 am
Pardon my useless spelling of trophies!

SirEuan on Jun 23 @ 08 am
A lot of it is actually due to hunters. Rhino horns are big in chinese medicine, very expensive. And they are often used as trophy's (their horns) by hunters. This isn't directly related to pollution, but the factories on my tee are a universal symbol for us doing what we do and ignoring responsibilities and consequence. Plus you can argue that pollution can be removing beauty from the world directly, not just indirectly through toxic emissions etc

Periwinkle on Jun 23 @ 08 am
Huh! Imagine that--I had no idea. Very interesting. Thank you for the information. Is that due to pollution, or is it more of a deforestation sort of a thing? (I know they don't live in forests, but I can't think of a better word for it right now)

SirEuan on Jun 23 @ 08 am
It's one of those ones you don't hear about so much as they aren't so cute unfortunately. Most don't survive outside protected zones these days. Read about it on the WWF http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/finder/rhinoceros/rhinos.html I am lucky that last year at Uni we did a design brief centred around endangered species. So everyone was assigned a random endangered animal, I found out so many I would never have though of through that, like the Rhino.

Periwinkle on Jun 23 @ 07 am
Oh, of course it's score zero. ::bonks self:: Definitely a guy's shirt, but I'd love to wear it too. Ah, a rhino. That makes sense. I thought the ears were legs, and the horn was a stripe. Now I see that they'd be missing front legs if they were frogs. Sorry--I just read an article about the disappearing frogs, I guess it's just stuck in my mind. A question though--are the rhinos really in that much danger? I can understand pandas and chimps, but I'd never heard

SirEuan on Jun 23 @ 07 am
Hi, cheers for the comments. It's meant to be pandas, chimps and rhinos. The score is zero as there is no reward for doing this. They actual image isn't blurry either, that's just a texture effect I added for the mockup! hehe. Thanks again for the comments. I'd really love to see this printed!

djunes on Jun 23 @ 06 am
somehow i think this might be more of a guys shirt...my brother was looking over my shoulder when i looked at this one and he loved it! i had some problems figuring out what all the animals were (until my brother told me) :) but its a really cool idea. i like the score 0 part

Periwinkle on Jun 23 @ 06 am
Great idea! I love it and it's perfect. I have three ideas to potentially improve (though they'd probably end up just changing it) this design: Making it less blurry and more clearly 8-bit, making the frogs look more like frogs (if they are frogs--are they?) by changing the foreshortening and/or the angle that you see of them, and changing the score from zero to higher--it has already killed tons and tons of animals and species.