A Royal Visit Adult Tee
designed by robbielee

"A Royal Visit" by robbielee
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

robbielee on May 09 @ 12 pm
Hey MadElf! You still there? Please forgive my reply- looks like it took almost a year. : ( I love your comment and shared it with my wife. We also have animal symbols in your family. We're big into butterflies (us) and elephants (me via my mom), and the daisies are special b/c they were part of my first ever t-shirt print (Springatron at woot). Anyways, thanks for the awesome comment. I hope all is well. -Robbie

MadElf on Jun 24 @ 04 am
To Robbie, I just received this print in time for my wife's birthday (June 25th). I'd like to share with you why this shirt is so special to me (and will be for my Carla). She is a Prodigious collector of all things Pachyderm (in this case, Elephants) and I was born in the Year of the Monkey, collect 'em, and make up jokes about them (bad ones...example: Why do monkeys have such a high divorce rate? Because they're a bunch of swingers). Nevertheless, daises were the flower for our wedding, a butterfly landed on her ring finger just before we were married, and I think the net speaks for itself as far as Matrimony goes! So, I hope (despite my rambling) you get as big a kick out of something so simple becoming something that will be loved and talked about for years to come in our lives...Good Show!!!

JadenKale on May 10 @ 10 am
Congrats on the print, Robbie! This deserved to print :)

yanmos on May 07 @ 04 pm
so cute design :)

lkackman on Apr 29 @ 03 pm
I like this design the first time, glad you went some where else too.

robbielee on Apr 20 @ 12 pm
Thanks, everyone! Glad it's gotten so many votes/ comments. Please keep it up- I'd love to sport the whole family in this design!

arilvdc on Apr 19 @ 09 am
I loved this shirt before, I would love to buy one!

AdderXYU on Apr 14 @ 02 pm
This is wonderfully charming

Boots on Apr 13 @ 09 pm
Nice, Robbie! And congrats on the imminent kid!

robbielee on Mar 31 @ 08 am
Thanks for the kind words. I know this one is mostly for the kids and the ladies, but I'd love to sport one for myself, and I'd love one for my son, too. Of course, he hasn't been born yet, but any day now... (he's two days overdue!!!!!) In fact, my sister used this design for our baby shower cake!

JadenKale on Mar 30 @ 02 pm
This piece has always appealed to me. Charming and delicate.

nathanTpham on Mar 30 @ 07 am
the little monkey reminds me of Curious George, except that this one is cooler and cuter! ;O)

imsochady on Mar 30 @ 06 am
Oh how liked this when I first saw it then. I'll buy this for sure!!!