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Design of the Day Initiative

What?: Open call for artists to submit positive T-shirt designs for the up and coming caused-motivated generation.

Why?: To put a smile on the people's face and inspire them to do good.

When: This is an ongoing event, so deadline is as long as the internet is still around! If you have designs that you see fit Goodjoe well and would like us to consider featuring it as the Design of the Day, then submit them!

How often do we print? Everyday we go through submissions and contact the artist of the design that is going to be featured. If you want to be printed more often, take a chance to compete in our Weekly Themed Contest.

About Goodjoe

Goodjoe is a community-based t-shirt company with a passion for doing good. We are a few friends from college that share the vision of running a fun and sustainable business to help professional and amateur artists alike get their inspirational messages out to the public. We use the t-shirt as our basic medium to inspire people to do "good" and reach out to others to do the same.

Join the inspiration movement.

To see how we started, check the About Us.

Our Mission

We strive to empower and creatively inspire individuals to contribute to our local and global communities.

Design Theme

Anything that's positive and inspirational! You can also check out our Weekly Themed Contest if you need inspiration for new designs.


If your design is featured as the Design of the Day, you will receive: 12% per t-shirt sold, $25 store credit, and tons of mentions through the day.

Our goal for this initiative is to promote new artists and artworks that are unique and will inspire the goodjoe audience.

Design Guidelines

The standard design guidelines apply.

Questions, Comments, Feedback

We would love to hear from you! Inspire us with a note, contact us.

Who's Goodjoe?:

Our Inspiration:

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