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Goodjoe x radio reddit: True Indie Music

What?: Illustrate a design that captures the essence of true indie music!

In partnership with radio reddit (a licensed partner of reddit), we invite you to join us in celebrating the true indie music vibe. Have you ever been the first among your friends to discover that great song and artist? Did you feel proud to have supported them when they were just starting out? How do these new artists get to be so successful anyway? They do it through the support of listeners like you. radio reddit brings new artists and potential fans together. It's a place where true indie artists are discovered, and listeners are in control.

Goodjoe shares the belief and the mission of radio reddit's platform to empower indie artists, and we want to make them a cool t-shirt to capture the true essence of it all. In your design, we highly encourage you to put the name "radio reddit" to help spread their message; however it is not mandatory. You can even use radio reddit's alien *logo in your design if you desire. If you choose to use it, you can download it here.

*Note: reddit and the reddit Alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by reddit Inc., and are used under license.

Why?: Because good indie music is food to the soul


  • Mon (June 25th): @12:00AM Open for submissions and votes
  • Sat (July 7th): @11:59PM PST Submission closes
  • Fri (July 13th): @11:59PM PST Voting closes
  • Mon: Goodjoe announces 2 Winners (from previous contest theme) for pre-orders!

About Goodjoe

Goodjoe is a community-based t-shirt company with a passion for doing good. We are a few friends from college that share the vision of running a fun and sustainable business to help professional and amateur artists alike get their inspirational messages out to the public. We use the t-shirt as our basic medium to inspire people to do "good" and reach out to others to do the same.

Join the inspiration movement.

To see how we started, check the About Us.

Our Mission

We strive to empower and creatively inspire individuals to contribute to our local and global communities.

About radio reddit is the source for quality new and popular independent music. All music on this site is made by users of the popular site

radio reddit was created by musicians who wanted a place where all music was given a fair chance to be heard. Where pay-for-play, label preference, and underhand deals were done away with. Where listeners were in control.


*Two (2) winners, or depending on # of subs up to (4), are selected by the Goodjoe and radio reddit Staff. Each will receive:
Each receive $300 cash, $100 store credit, 6% royalty per shirt sold.

*Please note that we would like to nurture a positive and creative environment. Although our voting system tracks all fair votes, we DO review all submissions for irregular activities and reserve the right to disqualify entries and/or winners. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Design Guidelines

The standard design guidelines apply.

Questions, Comments, Feedback

We would love to hear from you! Inspire us with a note, contact us.

Who's Goodjoe?:

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Winning Design