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"I Am In Shape" by noisdois

"I Am In Shape" by noisdois "I Am In Shape" by noisdois "I Am In Shape" by noisdois

i AM in shape

by noisdois

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About My Design

I believe that exercise is important, but what is even more important is accepting and loving your body the way it is. I believe the more you love your body, and the higher your self image, the more you'll want to take care of it. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Customer Reviews and Comments

ddtk on Jun 29 @ 05 am
Very conceptual, nicely done!

kellz on Jun 25 @ 12 pm
Been keeping my eye on this design for a bit, psyched it's on a tank top....I started my fitness journey last month and it isn't about being thin, it's about my matter what shape it is! Thanks for the the inspirational design! <3

wonderthuy on Nov 14 @ 03 pm
This is a great shirt. Can you guys restock soon?

nathanTpham on Oct 09 @ 09 am
I get so many compliments and have seen so many laughs each time I wear this shirt. Keep the creative and humorous designs coming Trevor! ;O)

texaschachi on Jun 10 @ 03 am
Love this one Trevor! Tell Rachel hello! It has been a while since i have gotten on here and checked out your work. Keep it up. I tell people all the time about your work when they ask me about the Yoga shirt, which I love!

melodie on Apr 23 @ 09 pm
too simple, sorry, I do not sticking

illuminator on Apr 23 @ 02 pm
lol! I've heard that before... good concept! :)

noisdois on Apr 22 @ 05 am
@Boots - Lol! I'm probably even more of a stick than you are, Boots, so don't be too sad. I'm one of your people! @Nathan - Thanks! I heard it from a person very dear to me once. She said: "I'm in shape! Round IS a shape!"

Boots on Apr 21 @ 09 pm
I think I'm a stick, a weak weak stick, and I'm highly offended that I'm not represented in this design. My people are neglected! Seriously, this is really cute, though. I like it.

jourdan on Apr 21 @ 07 pm
I'm definitely a circle. Give me a little push and I'll keep rolling!

nathanTpham on Apr 21 @ 03 pm
i personally believe everyone in the planet needs to have this shirt. ;o) great concept! Trevor, how did you come up with it?

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