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"Mix Tape Redux" by Truffleshuffle

"Mix Tape Redux" by Truffleshuffle "Mix Tape Redux" by Truffleshuffle "Mix Tape Redux" by Truffleshuffle "Mix Tape Redux" by Truffleshuffle

Mix Tape REDUX

by Truffleshuffle

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Plug In
Road Trip Mix Tape REDUX

This design is available for purchase ! Grab this in a
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About My Design

I thought I would try to make this design a little Reddit-ier:)

Customer Reviews and Comments

tizaac on Jul 28 @ 10 pm
I want to buy this because of the headphones but... i feel that others will question my sexuality when it comes in these colors

Marzipanapple on Jul 26 @ 06 am
I was going to say the same about yours! This is my favorite one in the contest. Reddit aliens in your style look very cuddly and adorable. :)

Chumpmagic on Jul 09 @ 11 am
Yeah, I like the headphones a lot more. Great colors too! I'm rooting for ya! :)

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