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"Opening The Box" by perdita00

"Opening The Box" by perdita00 "Opening The Box" by perdita00 "Opening The Box" by perdita00

Opening the box

by perdita00

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Opening the Box
Once Upon A Time

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About My Design

One of my favourite Greek myths is that of Pandora's Box. Very short version: Pandora was given a box by the gods which she promised never to open but one day the temptation grew too great. She opened the box, and upon doing so, released all the evils into the world. Although she had done a terrible thing the box also contained Hope which followed the evils out into the world and remains with us in times of tribulations.

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diggorybop on Sep 22 @ 10 am
love it x

Firepower on Sep 18 @ 01 pm
Great myth, great portrayal!

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