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good joe noun: a warm-hearted, good-natured person.
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We're a few college friends that started Goodjoe in 2009. Goodjoe is an online marketplace for cool, original, and positive t-shirts that support both artists and nonprofits. Our passion is to use t-shirts as a creative medium to inspire people to give back to their communities. This is how we do it...

We partner with a nonprofit organization to host a t-shirt design contest. We use their cause as a design theme, then the artist community submits designs based on that theme. People engage with the cause by submitting comments and vote on their favorite designs.

At the end of the contest, the artists of the winning designs receive cash prizes. Then we create an online store for the nonprofit that includes t-shirts and additional products (such as iPhone cases and stationery cards) featuring the winning designs.

For every product sold, the artist receives 6% royalty, and the nonprofit receives a 10% as a donation.

We believe that this is an all-around winning model for everyone involved: the artist, the nonprofit, and YOU, the supporter – who gets a unique and awesome product while seeing your dollar positively impact the highly underserved and certainly worthy artistic and nonprofit communities.

We strive to EMPOWER and CREATIVELY INSPIRE individuals to CONTRIBUTE to
our LOCAL and

About The Goodjoe Logo
"The logo embodies the innate goodness and generosity of the human spirit. Everyday throughout the nation, ordinary people are doing small things, acts of kindness that make a huge difference in the lives of others and continue to inspire and provide hope to so many. Our inter-connected reality gives us the power to contribute and affect positive change on the world and humanity at large. We all have a valuable role to play in this universe."
- feenix (designer of the goodjoe logo)
I left Vietnam and came to the States in 1992 with my mom, dad, and younger sister. I graduated from UC Davis in 2003 with a BS in Computer Science and Engineering. It wasn't until June of my junior year that I realized programming was not for me. However, I decided to finish what I had already started. One of the best things that came out of that decision was meeting Jourdan, which lead to goodjoe.com.

After college, I worked for 3 different Taiwanese hi-tech companies in a Sales and Marketing position. During that time I have seen enough of both the good and bad side of corporate politics, which I don't want to be drowning in for the rest of my life. Along the journey, I made some very good friends and found myself a mentor, a true goodjoe as well. This is another reason why I really believe something good can always come out of a disaster.
I've been fascinated with computers since I received my first PC as a gift when I was 11 and have surrounded myself with the latest PC hardware ever since. And still to this day, I have retained most of my curiosity with a growing emphasis on the latest web application trends. It was this passion that drove me through the difficult days of my college career at UCDavis where I first met Nathan -- the founder of Goodjoe. Funny enough, even up to this day I do not recall how exactly Nathan found and reached out to me after years of lost contact. After hearing him out on what he has planned for Goodjoe, I could not count myself out as his mission statement closely resonates with what I believe in. What can you go wrong with doing good? And with that in mind, I am elated to lend a helping hand in establishing the initial groundwork to a sound, flexible and scalable backend.
I've been an artist since I could pick up a crayon, and have spent the majority of my life working in graphic arts. I always just like to say, "I draw things." And I do. A few years ago, while I was working as a freelance graphic designer, I discovered the art of t-shirt design. I love it. There's nothing more satisfying than coming up with art that people want to wear on their chests. That's when I discovered Goodjoe. I loved their mission statement right from the beginning and knew that I wanted to work with them. T-Shirts? Saving the world? Joining up with them is like being a fashion design superhero. And since Goodjoe is made up of such great nice guys, they really do need my snark once in awhile. Just to balance them out.