Re Green Kids Tee
designed by darel

"Re Green" by darel
Kid's Tee $15.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

darel on Jul 02 @ 05 pm
Really appreciate the compliments! I've not seen the tee myself but I'm really looking forward to trying it out!

trekmiss on Jul 02 @ 04 pm
The print on the shirt is beautiful! The shirt is a little thinner, but I tend to layer my lighter color designs anyway, so that is not a big deal. Super comfortable to wear. I wore it outside in 105 degree heat, and I noticed a strange smell. As soon as the shirt cooled off, the smell went away. That was before it was washed. I really don't like the large tag in the neck that explains that the shirt is made from recycled bottles. It's cool to have a tag with that info, but not one that is so huge. After going through the washer and dryer, there was only minimal shrinkage...about a half inch in both length and width. It's still super soft, and there was no evidence of a strange smell after being in the dryer. I think it will be a favorite shirt for some time to come.

pauseability on Jun 29 @ 01 am
From Singapore and I have just received the t-shirt. Love the design Darel. The print looks good and you cannot tell from the feel of the material that it is made from recycled bottles. It does feel a little thinner and more stretchy than what I have expected. Comfortable when I tried it on.

Chumpmagic on Jun 26 @ 12 pm
I really like these t-shirts made from recycled water bottles. They are a bit thin/ slightly transparent (which isn't always a bad thing for me, especially on hot days), and they have a smell. The smell ins't extreme, but something I noticed as I took on and off the shirt and random movements that shot air towards my face. It's not bad enough to were people will avoid you, its just something I noticed... it's different and really, it me TRYING to find a problem. Other than that, the shirt are top notch. In fact, it's one of the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn (which shocked the hell out of me!). I just washed it, and it retain all it comfiness. I really like it, and it seems like a perfect shirt for the summer climate here, and a great shirt to wear as I try to lose my winter fat. I'm sure it will get a lot of attention in the next few months. The shirts made out of recycle water bottles are surprisingly great and I recommend them. and congrats Darel!

ShikaUsstan on Jun 22 @ 04 am
Just got my Recycled Tee in the mail yesterday! I can't believe it is so soft! I thought it would be like nylon but it is much softer and smoother. It did smell a little funky when I first got it but a good wash took care of that! Side note: it is a little thin so an under shirt may be required.

darel on May 30 @ 09 am

spazioC on May 29 @ 07 am
AMAZING ILLUSTRATION !! and the concept is so PoWERFULL! Love it darel