Flying In Unity Adult Tee
designed by goodjoe

"Flying In Unity" by goodjoe
Adult Tee $20.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

amreli on Mar 22 @ 01 am
This is beautiful in every way. What a great idea and the collaboration came out amazing well. I definitely like that it's hopeful and wearable in the future.

wytrab8 on Mar 20 @ 02 am
Wonderful collab everyone! Very awesome.

Boots on Mar 17 @ 12 am
@Ryan - The thinking is that we wanted to shirt to be wearable without making people think of the disaster. If the shirt directly made you think about Japan and the tragedy that struck, it would be a little short-lived (and also kind of a downer to wear). The act of creating the shirt and the act of buying one in support is supposed to be the meaningful part. The design itself is just pretty cranes (to represent Japan), each different yet flying together, and not intended to be "in your face" or preachy. I think the subtlety is tasteful, and hopefully if someone sees me wearing the shirt, they'll like it and ask about it. And then I can tell them the story behind it. :)

blk909 on Mar 16 @ 06 am
I agree with Nathan. It's a wonderful shirt that I will be proud to wear in support of my Japanese friends. If I could think of more people for whom to buy it, I would buy more of them.

nathanTpham on Mar 16 @ 05 am
@Ryan: great feedback! We weigh the pros and cons of a few ideas before taking this approach. Our thinking is that we don't want to be "another" Japan shirt. Although the approach could have been more direct...but art is objective, plus i feel like it is not necessary to dramatize the situation more than it already is. ;O) Our thinking is that we want our shirts to be a conversation starter. So if you wear a shirt, and the other person does not quite get it (like many other Goodjoe shirts), he/she will ask..."this is a cool shirt, what is this about.." And then the conversation starts.. ;O)

WestZ on Mar 15 @ 11 pm
Great! I've been waiting for a shirt that was going to help the people of Japan during this time. I just have a few things to say about it, as I am sure that it could be of help. I talked to a few people asking if they liked the design. A common answer was "I don't get it" and "What is that?" and I myself wondered why that design. I admit, it is nice, but it's hard for a shirt to be meaningful when people don't understand unless it is explained to them. I also would have preferred the colors of red and white to be applied to the shirt. Not only would it look nice, but they are also the colors of Japan. Yes, the design is very nice and thought out, but personally, disaster-related symbolism shows more of a direct message and people would understand what the shirt meant. Otherwise, great work on the collaboration. I hope that you all can pull through together again if something like this comes up.

lonelypond on Mar 15 @ 04 pm
Great work, looks fantastic. Simple + elegant.

loveengrey on Mar 15 @ 09 am
Happy to make this my very first shirt from goodjoe :)

SailorButterfly on Mar 15 @ 07 am
Beautiful shirt & a very worthy cause. Bought!

chupluf on Mar 15 @ 07 am
Yay! Excellent! :)

Boots on Mar 15 @ 02 am

phirewerkz on Mar 15 @ 01 am

kharmazero on Mar 15 @ 12 am
it came out really nice, bravo!!

cmdixon2 on Mar 14 @ 10 pm
Wow, that turned out beautiful guys!

amarillo on Mar 14 @ 04 pm
argh, I´m late:( Great work, everybody!