Joy Adult Tee
designed by noisdois

"Joy" by noisdois
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Spacer Springville, Utah, United States

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Customer Reviews and Comments

nathanTpham on Apr 08 @ 05 pm
same name is just a coincidence. no worries. the 2 concepts and artworks are totally different. personally, i like both. happy sun and kid, what's NOT to like? ;o) cheers!

noisdois on Apr 05 @ 01 am
@melodie - I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what you're saying... And I didn't realize that yours was also named "Joy" before I put mine up. That probably wouldn't have changed what I named mine, but I'm sorry if you feel like I stepped on your toes in any way. :/

melodie on Apr 03 @ 04 pm
I had not taken the time to watch, but this tee shirt is hopeful, but I'm sorry, I do not, I hate to see new ideas from you ..... and more it bears the same name as one of my designs

graphv on Mar 24 @ 11 am
wat can I say... i'm in love hahaha awesome work~! it makes me smile just looking at it. =)

Boots on Mar 21 @ 02 am
This is great. Shiny, happy, what's not to love?

noisdois on Mar 12 @ 11 am
Thanks your comments, guys!

ndikol on Mar 11 @ 01 am
cute :D love it

illuminator on Mar 09 @ 10 pm
Love that it's so shiny!!!

noisdois on Mar 09 @ 04 pm
lol! Hey, as long as you learn how to say "good morning" in at least one language each time you swipe it, I'd say it's a worthy cause!

nathanTpham on Mar 09 @ 02 pm
i love the different languages of the word "joy." i have a co-worker that has a mug with different languages of "good morning." i attempted to steal that mug many time, but give it back her because she is a very nice girl. ;o)