A Smart Cookie Adult Tee
designed by Walmazan

"A Smart Cookie" by Walmazan
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Customer Reviews and Comments

Justyna on Oct 06 @ 05 pm
cute! :]

goodjoe on Apr 14 @ 07 am
@KennyH: Kids sizes are coming soon. ;O) @dfunk29: The asphalt was an error. The correct color is Army. We just fixed it. @jezebelseven: there is a slight difference in the mock-ups, but the print size will be sized accordingly. So for the women's tee, the print size of the design will be slightly smaller than the print size on men's tee. We do our very best to size it so everyone will look good in it. ;O) Thank you so much for supporting everyone on Goodjoe.com. We really appreciate it. Please let us know of any other question on this design or any other one. CHEERS.

jezebelseven on Apr 06 @ 02 pm
Which mockup is correct-- some of the designs are small and some are larger on the identical blanks shown here? (Also, would love to see this on brown...)

dfunk29 on Apr 02 @ 11 am
So glad this comes in a variety of colors! The asphalt looks brown in the pics though...

KennyH on Mar 30 @ 02 am
Looks great! And it was a winner in the "For Kids" contest, which is even better. I'd buy one for my kid (7 year old daughter), but no kids sizes??

perdita00 on Mar 25 @ 07 pm
Awesome design - so glad this got printed. Will be ordering this :)

dfunk29 on Mar 19 @ 08 am
Love it! Need to add to my ever growing collection!

DiJay on Mar 16 @ 07 pm
Absolutely cute.... I love it!!!

perdita00 on Mar 14 @ 07 pm
This is so cute!!

elessia on Mar 14 @ 12 pm
Its SOO cute!

keki13 on Mar 14 @ 11 am
What teacher needs an apple with a student like this?? <3

zerisama on Mar 14 @ 08 am
Oh my god, Wences, this shirt is so freaking adorable.

bleedingviolets on Mar 14 @ 05 am
I luuuffs this so much! This smart cookie is too cute!

dementedkat on Mar 14 @ 04 am
I love all of your designs! They are positively adorable and amazing!

tvbcheese on Mar 14 @ 04 am
Hmm...I wonder what's for homework tomorrow!