I Am In Shape Stationery Card
designed by noisdois

"I Am In Shape" by noisdois
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Spacer Springville, Utah, United States

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Customer Reviews and Comments

ddtk on Jun 29 @ 05 am
Very conceptual, nicely done!

kellz on Jun 25 @ 12 pm
Been keeping my eye on this design for a bit, psyched it's on a tank top....I started my fitness journey last month and it isn't about being thin, it's about my health....no matter what shape it is! Thanks for the the inspirational design! <3

wonderthuy on Nov 14 @ 03 pm
This is a great shirt. Can you guys restock soon?

nathanTpham on Oct 09 @ 09 am
I get so many compliments and have seen so many laughs each time I wear this shirt. Keep the creative and humorous designs coming Trevor! ;O)

texaschachi on Jun 10 @ 03 am
Love this one Trevor! Tell Rachel hello! It has been a while since i have gotten on here and checked out your work. Keep it up. I tell people all the time about your work when they ask me about the Yoga shirt, which I love!

melodie on Apr 23 @ 09 pm
too simple, sorry, I do not sticking

illuminator on Apr 23 @ 02 pm
lol! I've heard that before... good concept! :)

noisdois on Apr 22 @ 05 am
@Boots - Lol! I'm probably even more of a stick than you are, Boots, so don't be too sad. I'm one of your people! @Nathan - Thanks! I heard it from a person very dear to me once. She said: "I'm in shape! Round IS a shape!"

Boots on Apr 21 @ 09 pm
I think I'm a stick, a weak weak stick, and I'm highly offended that I'm not represented in this design. My people are neglected! Seriously, this is really cute, though. I like it.

jourdan on Apr 21 @ 07 pm
I'm definitely a circle. Give me a little push and I'll keep rolling!

nathanTpham on Apr 21 @ 03 pm
i personally believe everyone in the planet needs to have this shirt. ;o) great concept! Trevor, how did you come up with it?