Pretty Like The Boys Adult Tee
designed by cmdixon2

"Pretty Like The Boys" by cmdixon2
Adult Tee $18.00
100% Cotton Tee. Made in Los Angeles, USA.
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Spacer Noblesville, Indiana, United States

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Customer Reviews and Comments

RyanByrneArt on Dec 14 @ 04 pm
LOL nice design.

RyanByrneArt on Dec 14 @ 04 pm
Nice one, I love your new one aswell of "The last straw"

cmdixon2 on Apr 27 @ 10 pm
I just wanted to say a quick thanks again to everyone who supported this design! I'm very excited that it's finally getting printed. This is my first print here and I couldn't be happier about it. Thanks again you guys!

lovemedusa on Apr 27 @ 12 am
Congrats! I can't wait for it to arrive!

gatesy on Apr 26 @ 09 pm
definitely white. engaging design - background leads the "story' Peacocks live on my street and hang out with the wild turkeys Peacock is the asana i'm learning now in Yoga Yes, there are lots of connections to peacocks!

robbielee on Apr 24 @ 03 am
Very, very well done! Great layout for a shirt, too.

cmdixon2 on Mar 22 @ 12 pm
@lovemedusa, insochady, endangeredomega - Thanks guys! Glad you like it.

lovemedusa on Mar 18 @ 01 pm
Still love this design! My favorite is totally the white, but I'm loving the other colors. I really hope it makes it!!!!!

imsochady on Mar 16 @ 07 am
Awesome idea and execution!

endangeredomega on Mar 15 @ 11 am
I absolutely fell in love with this design when it was originally submitted to Woot, and I'm still desperate to own it. If it wins, there's a good chance I'll be ordering more than one in white and lemon. In fact, I think I'd *really* love to purchase one for my mother, and hope it worked a little subconscious LGBT-acceptance magic on her.

cmdixon2 on Mar 15 @ 08 am
Thanks everyone! Much appreciated!

timizy01 on Mar 15 @ 03 am
i definitely love the composition and colors, great shirt!

Boots on Mar 14 @ 11 pm
Glad to see this one here. And glad you kept a white version. It's one of those designs that needs to be on white (I think).

tadayou on Mar 14 @ 08 am
I still adore this design. I'm not sure which color I like best for it, but I'd probably buy it on either white or lemon.